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Press Release

1. Today, at 6:15 am, the troops consisting of the border units belonging to the Turkish army and the village guards brought from the Şenoba, Bileh and Taşdelen towns of Uludere district of Şırnak, along with those from Kiror village and its towns, have initiated an operation attempt.

Our guerrillas instantly opened return fire against this operation attempt which was developed in the areas of Keçel hill and Bêzenikê on the border of the Heftanin area from our Medya Defense Zones.

Mortar, howitzer and artillery shooting were carried out against the Heftanin area from the Vacip and Hill Serbend outposts located on the border line. At the same time Pisaxa Valley was bombed by warplanes.

Following the response of our guerrillas, these operational units were withdrawn one step.

2. On March 9, between 12:15 and 14:00, the warplanes of the Turkish army carried out a bombardment around the Arê Strait and Mıslokê area of ​​Xakurke from our Medya Defense Zones.

- On the same day between 18:15 and 19:00, the Mêrvanıs territory of the Zagros area and Çemço area of the Zap region were bombed by warplanes.

March 10, 2017

HPG Press Centre