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Press Release

1. On the morning of March 10, we made a statement about the operation of the border units of the Turkish army with the participation of gangs and the village guards at the border of Haftanin area. Detailed information about this operation attempt is as follows;

In the morning hours, the group consisting of soldiers and gangs entered Keçel Hill and Bêzenikê area at the border of Haftanin area. At 08:00 hours, this operation group tried to move towards Partizan Hill. The movement of this operation group was recognized by our guerrillas and stopped with effective shots. During the time of the clashes, the Turkish army bombed the Qesrok, Partizan and Geliyê Pisaxa areas heavily with howitzers and mortars, and after 11:00 hours, the warplanes bombarded the slopes of Partizan hill.

After intense bombardments on the slopes of Partizan hill, the Turkish soldiers attempted to infiltrate again at 16:00. The clashes continued until 18:00 between our Guerrillas who immediately responded to this infiltration attempt and the group of soldiers and gangs. While this attempt of the Turkish army was foiled, the operational units in the area of ​​Keçel Hill and Bêzenikê were withdrawn. There is no clear information on soldier and gang losses in these clashes.

Again, during the clashes we were not able to get into contact with our two Guerrillas. Information to be obtained will be shared in relation to our Guerrillas.

2. On March 10, between 5:00 pm and 08:30 am, a number of assassination actions were conducted against soldiers in the area of ​​Hakkari's Martyr Rahime hill in the area of ​​Oremar in the district of Hakkari's Yüksekova. Two soldiers were killed in the actions carried out and one more soldier was killed by the effective shooting of the soldiers which arrived.

After the action, the warplanes bombarded the area, and mortars and howitzers were also shot. This action was made in memory of our Guerrillas who had fallen in the last period.

3. On March 10, at 10:00 pm, an action with heavy weapons was organized by our guerrillas against the Koordine hill on the border of Hakkari's Çukurca district. The number of dead and wounded soldiers has not been clarified during the incisive hits on positions on the top of the hill.

HPG Press Centre

March 11, 2017