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Press Release

1. Within the scope of the Martyr Bedran Gundikremo and Martyr Nalin Muş revolutionary campaigns, our forces carried out actions against the occupying Turkish army in Gever (Yüksekova) and Şemzinan (Şemdinli) districts of Hakkari.

On July 3, at 04.30, Our YJA Star forces carried out an action against the occupying Turkish army soldiers deployed on a hill near the Tisê village in Şemzinan district.  The number of dead and wounded soldiers in this action, where enemy positions on the hill have been hit effectively, could not be identified.

On July 2, at 11.20, our YJA Star guerrillas carried out an action targeting Martyr Gafur hill in Gever district. In the action our forces targeted positions and work machines on the hill. The number of dead and wounded soldiers in the action could not be determined.

2. The occupation operation of the occupying Turkish army, which was launched on 16 June targeting the Zap region of the Medya Defense zones and actions of our forces  still continue.

On July 3, at 07.30, our forces targeted the enemy positions in Qela Bêdewê. In this action where enemy soldiers and their positions were hit, a position was destroyed and two enemy soldiers were killed. After the action, the occupying Turkish army  bombed the action area and its surroundings with howitzers and mortars.

3. On June 30, the occupying Turkish army launched an operation in the areas of Geliyê Xumarov and Şapatan of Hakkari's Şemzinan (Şemdinli) district. Enemy soldiers have raided the houses in Meleyan village and put pressure on the public. The operation was withdrawn on 1 July.

4. On July 28, the occupying Turkish army launched an operation in the area of the village of Reşanê in Amed's Lice district. On July 29, at 03.00, the occupying forces carried out setdowns with skorsk-type helicopters to the area. After the setdowns, at around 17.00, intense conflicts erupted between our guerrillas and enemy soldiers.

At the close range conflicts, our guerrillas named Farqin fought with the enemy forces bravely  until his last bullet. Farqin, who was seriously injured, reached martyrdom by exploding his bomb in order to don't pass the enemy's hand.

The conflict between the occupying Turkish army and our forces continued until the evening hours, and our guerrillas named Serdilan, who fought against the enemy, was martyred in these conflicts. During the bombardment, our deceased comrades reached the martyrdom during the bombardment of the occupation forces field of warplanes and cobra-type helicopters.

The occupying Turkish army that could not broke resistance of our guerrillas bombed the area with warplanes and cobra-type helicopters and our guerrillas named Deştî reached martyrdom  during the bombardment.

Our comrade Salih, the commander of the unit, was also wounded in these conflicts, and despite the heavy wound he had clashed with the occupying forces until June 30. Comrades Salih who fought with enemies until the last bullet reached martyrdom  by exploding his bomb on June 30.

Four bold Kurdistan children who created heroism with a great resistance against the occupying Turkish forces for three days were martyred. In these conflicts, Five enemy soldiers were killed and six enemy soldiers were wounded.

On June 30, simultaneously with this operation, the occupying forces launched an operation in the area of Bejiknê village of Amed's Lice district. One of our comrades named Amed, encountered with enemy soldiers and enter into conflict. our guerrillas Amed fighting with enemy forces until evening hours, injured in this conflicts and reached martyrdom by exploding his bomb.The number of dead and wounded soldiers in this conflict could not be determined.

The operation was withdrawn on June 1.

5. On July 1, at 22:00, despite all the warnings that our forces have made, a contra named Aydın Ahi, who does not give up being a pawn of the occupying forces against the Kurdish people, has been punished by our forces in the village of Boğazkesen in Van's Qelqeli (Ozalp) district . We declare once again that we will ask for the account by name of the revolution against every person who commits crime against our people by becoming a tool of special war against our people.

6. On July 3, at 07:30, our forces targeted a military vehicle that is going to Sinek Hill from Meymun Hill in Uludere district of Şırnak. A short conflict occurred after the action. The number of dead and wounded soldiers in the action could not be determined.

7. On June 29, at 19.00, warplanes and cobra-type attack helicopters belonging to the occupying Turkish army bombed the Kizilagac village area of Karlova district of Bingöl for about 5 hours. Detail of the bombardment will be shared with the public when the results of the clarified.

July 3, 2017

HPG Press Release