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Press Release

1. Within the scope of the Martyr Bedran Gundikremo and Martyr Nalin Muş revolutionary campaigns, on July 4, between 10.30-11.00, our forces carried out actions against the occupying Turkish army soldiers deployed on Martyr Gafur hill in Gever (Yüksekova) district of Hakkari. The number of dead and wounded enemy soldiers in the action couldn't be determined. After the action, the occupying forces bombarded the action area with howitzers and mortars.

2. The invasion operation of the occupying Turkish army, which was launched on 16 June targeting the Zap region of the Medya Defense zones and guerrillas actions against the occupying operation still continues.

On July 4, at 09.20, our forces carried out an action against enemy soldiers on the Martyr Munzur hill. Our forces, which hit effectively hit positions and tents from two arms at close range and destroyed many enemy positions and tents where the soldiers were located. A total of nine enemy soldiers have been identified killed and many enemy soldiers have been wounded.

Around 09.40 hours, Sikorsky type helicopters trying to carry away dead and wounded soldiers, was targeted by our forces. Sikorsky helicopters were forced to leave the area.

After the action, the occupying Turkish army bombarded the Ciloyê Piçuk, Karker and Martyrs Munzur areas with warplanes, howitzers and mortars.

3. On July 3, at 04.40, the occupying Turkish army wanting to launch an operation around Kurikê Ömer hill and its vicinity in Qileban (Uludere) district of Şırnak were targeted by our forces. The number of dead and wounded enemy soldiers in the action could not be determined.

4. Our forces surrounded the unit and asked to surrender. This unit, which tried to escape without listening to the call of our forces, entered into conflict and was completely destroyed.

After the action, the occupying Turkish army which removed the dead and injured contras from the area bombarded  the area with cobra-type attack helicopters and armored vehicles until July 2 and launched an operation in the area simultaneously. The operation is still continuing.

5.  On 3 July, at 10.00, 3 armored vehicles belonging to the occupying Turkish army patrolling on the road of Van-Başkale  were targeted by our forces in Güzeldere area. A Kirpi-type armored vehicle that was hit at close range was completely destroyed, and 2 Kobra-type armored vehicles were damaged.

In this action seven enemy soldiers were killed and three enemy soldiers were wounded.

After the action, the occupying forces bombed the area with cobra-type attack helicopters and launched an operation in the area. The operation was withdrawn in the evening on July 4th.

6. On July 4, at 07.00, soldiers of the occupying Turkish army positioned between the Köşk and Uruk villages in the Martyr Amed area of Muş were targeted by our YJA Star forces. One of our action unit targeted two vehicles coming to the area for soldier exchange on the hills.

Another action group targeted 2 vehicles that came to the field for soldier exchange on the hills. Two vehicles were hit effectively and forced to retreat from the area. The number of dead and wounded enemy soldier could not be determined.

Another action unit targeted soldiers deployed on the hill. In this action where enemy positions were hit, one enemy soldier has been identified killed. After the action, the enemy forces bombarded the area indiscriminately.

7. On June 26, at 02.00, the invading Turkish army launched an operation around the Özlüce dam in Karakoçan district of Elazığ with the support of cobra-type helicopters, warplanes and UAVs. After bombardment, around 07.30, the Turkish army carried out setdowns to the area with Sikorsy-type helicopters and intense conflicts took place between our guerrillas and enemy soldiers. The conflicts between the occupying Turkish army and our forces continued for a long time and two comrades who fought bravely against the enemy reached martyrdom after heroic fighting. One lieutenant and one special sergeant was killed in these conflicts. The operation withdrew from the area on June 29th.

8. In our statement made on July 3, we stated that warplanes and cobra-type attack helicopters belonging to the occupying Turkish army bombed for 5 hours on June 29, 19.00, the area of Kızılağaç village in Bingöl's Karlıova district. As a result of the bombardment which took place, our comrade Rodi has reached martyrdom while our comrade Serhildan has been heavily wounded. Comrade Serhildan has reached martyrdom after detonating his bomb on himself in order to not be captured by the enemy.

The false allegation that 5 HPG guerrillas have fell as martyrs in this event has been displayed in the enemy's media. Only our Serhildan and Rodi comrades have reached martyrdom in this brutal attack of the enemy, not 5 of our comrades.

July 5, 2017

HPG Press Release