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Press Release

1. Within the scope of the second phase of the Martyr Bedran Gundikremo and Martyr Nalin Muş revolutionary campaign, our forces organized actions against the occupying Turkish army in Hakkari's Çelê (Çukurca) district and the Barzan region of Southern Kurdistan.

On October 11, at 15.10, our forces organized an action against the occupying forces working for the security route in the Pitata valley of Petrut hill in Hakkari's Çelê district. A digger was destroyed and four soldiers were killed and one soldier was wounded in this action.

After the action, around 17:00, the occupying forces removed dead and wounded soldiers from the area with Sikorsky helicopters.

On October 11, at 17.50, an assassination unit of the enemy unit positioned on the Koordine hill in the Adilbeg area of the Barzan region, was targeted by our forces. Two enemy soldiers were killed in the action.

2. On 3 October, the occupying Turkish army launched a comprehensive operation in the Çırav area on the mountain of Gabar in Şırnak. On October 5, 2 attack-type helicopters belonging to the occupying forces bombarded the Girê Dindar area.

On the same day, our forces put under surveillance and carried out an action targeting an enemy unit trying to enter the area. Two soldiers were killed in the enemy unit. Following the action, the occupying Turkish army bombarded the area with howitzers and mortars and removed dead and wounded soldiers from the area with the support of attack-type helicopters.

On October 6, the occupying forces bombarded the area with attack helicopters amid the support of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and carried out setdowns to the area on October 8. Enemy soldiers trying to position themselves on the Martyr Rojin hill were targeted by our forces. Four soldiers were killed as a result of the effective hits. Following the action, the Sikorsky helicopters removed dead and wounded soldiers from the area.

On the evening of October 10, the occupation operation, which was inflicted blows, was forced to retreat without any results.

3. On October 11, the occupying Turkish army launched an operation in the areas of Girê Kaplan, Gundê Piran, Gundê Mihrê, Gundê Hozê and Girê Rizdê areas of Qileban (Uludere) district of Şırnak with the support of Cobra and Attack type helicopters. The operation still continues.

4. In our statement of September 29, we shared information that on September 28, our three comrades who had fought heroically against the attempt of invasion in the territory of the Adil Beg of the Barzan region within the territory of Southern Kurdistan.

The ID information of our martyr comrades are as following;

Nom de Guerre: Gelhat Faraşin

Name- Surname: Mehmet Şerif Turhan

Place of Birth: Amed

Mother's- Father's Name: Ramazan - Güzel

Date and Place of Martyrdom: September 28, 2017 / Barzan

Gelhat – Mehmet Şerif Turhan

Nom de Guerre: Masiro Botan

Adı Soyadı: Emrah Erdem

Doğum Yeri: Batman

Mother's- Father's Name: Fatma - Nuri

Date and Place of Martyrdom: September 28, 2017 / Barzan

Masiro – Emrah Erdem

Nom de Guerre: Pelin Sipan

Adı Soyadı: Gamze Çelik

Doğum Yeri: Muş

Mother's- Father's Name: Bilcan - Aydın

Date and Place of Martyrdom: September 28, 2017 / Barzan

Pelin – Gamze Çelik


Comrade Pelin Sipan (Gamze Çelik) came to the world as the daughter of a patriotic and labouring family in the Bulanık district of Muş and joined the guerrilla ranks as a conscious Kurdish woman together with her youth years of defining the truth of the Kurdish people from her early ages. Since arriving at the guerrilla ranks, she has been a follower of leader Apo's line of the free women's line in the YJA Star, and every field in which she struggled, she has represented this line. She fought for the freedom of the Kurdish people and Leader Apo, fighting at the forefront of the enemy's occupation of Kurdistan.


Comrade Masiro Botan (Emrah Erdem) has come to the world in Boran as a child of a patriotic family. Masiro's father, Nuri Erdem, was an old member of our party and was martyred in 1998. Masiro actively participated in the struggle at every moment of his life by walking in the footsteps of his father. Comrade Masiro, who actively participated in the struggle with youth work, joined the guerrilla ranks shortly afterwards and fought with the feelings of revenge against Turkish fascism. Everywhere in the guerrilla areas he became one of our most active comrades who fought against the Turkish occupation and took the road to freedom until the last minute of his breath.


Comrade Gelhat Farashin (Mehmet Şerif Turhan) has come to the world in the Ergani district of Amed, where he held a patriotic character in defining the enemy reality in terms of the environment he lived in. Not being silent in the wake of the war in Kurdistan, Gelhat joined the guerrilla ranks at an early age and became one of the most active comrade fighting against the Turkish state's re-occupation operations of Kurdistan and attacks. Within the Kurdistan Freedom movement, Gelhat comrade, who know how to be a good militant of Leader Apo, fought with a free spirit until the last moment and joined the caravan of martyrs.


As HPG, we express our condolences to the families of all three of our comrades who were martyred, and to our patriotic people, and we reiterate once again that we will walk in the footsteps of our martyrs by claiming the costs sacrificed against the Turkish state's attempts to invade four parts of Kurdistan.


October, 12, 2017

HPG Press Centre