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Press Release

On October 16, the operations of the Iraqi army and Hashd al-Shabi forces towards Kirkuk and its surroundings took place. Despite the withdrawal of the peshmerga forces in the area, our guerrilla forces, some voluntary peshmergas and a group of people have demonstrated resistance for two days, without leaving Kirkuk.

In this resistance that has taken place, heavy clashes took place between the Iraqi army and Hashd al-Shabi forces and our guerrillas. During this resistance to defend Kirkuk, our comrade Hogir Baran joined the caravan of martyrs on October 16th in Daquq town of Kirkuk, demonstrating a great resistance with his heroism.

Our comrade Hogir Baran (Beşir Sebri Isa) came to the world in 1956 in Derik, Rojava. The family of comrade Hogir, who lived in Derik for a while, migrated to Batman's Gergüs district for various reasons. Our comrade Hogir, who lived with patriotic qualities and who was searching for this basis, met with the PKK in 1987 and has actively participated since he has met. Comrade Hogir, who spent three years as a militia, joined our Freedom Movement in 1990. Having seen Leader Apo and trained on the basis of Leadership philosophy, comrade Hogir has succeeded in becoming a representative of the freedom militant in all areas where he has struggled. Comrade Hogir, who made a sacrifice everywhere in our struggle, has followed the tradition of prison resistance by staying in the prisons of the fascist Turkish state for three years. Comrade Hogir continued to work in the struggle ranks after he left prison, and carried out public work in Rojava and the Bashur areas, and everywhere he worked, he was a great labourer by telling our people about the Kurdish Freedom Struggle.

As a militant of Leader Apo in his 30-year struggle, comrade Hogir, who has made a great effort for the freedom of the Kurdish people, became a comrade of ours who took his place as a pioneer of the guerrilla resistance on October 16, at the front line against the invasion attacks carried out by the Iraqi army and the Hashd al-Shabi forces in Kirkuk and its surroundings. Our comrade Hogir, who is a symbol of the Kirkuk resistance with his resistance, has shown to the whole world that the gains of the Kurds will be claimed and struggled for at any cost, no matter what.

We express our condolences to our patriotic people, especially to the family of comrade Hogir Baran, and we reiterate the promise that we will continue our resistance ceaselessly until the freedom of Leader Apo and our people is ensured.


October 18, 2017

HPG Press Centre