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Press Release

Heavy blows have been inflicted on the enemy forces in the effective actions carried our by our guerrilla forces in Hakkari's Çelê (Çukurca) and Gever (Yüksekova) districts against the invasion operations of the occupying Turkish army. The details of the conflicts and actions where a total of identified 44 soldiers, including one lieutenant colonel and two sergeants, were killed against the invasion operations in the last two days is as following;


1. The operation launched on October 16 with the aim to invade the Zap region of the Medya Defense Zones from Hakkari's Çelê (Çukurca) district continues. Intense conflicts are taking place between our guerrilla forces and enemy forces in this continuing operation. The details of the clashes where the enemy has suffered heavy losses for the past two days is as following;

On October 19, the occupying Turkish army intensively bombed the Xeregol area with warplanes, tanks and howitzer shells amid the support of UAVs. Cobra-type attack helicopters have also bombed the area at October 20, 00.40 hours and Sikorsy-type helicopters have tried setting down on the Xeregol area. The Sikorsy-type helicopter hit effectively by our forces has been forced to withdraw.

Two enemy units attempting to enter the hill from the ground has been targeted by our forces and hit in close range. Nine soldiers have been killed in enemy units struck in close range. Again, our forces have targeted another unit attempting the hill and two enemies have been killed here.

The occupying forces which bombed the Martyr Sidar hill with warplanes on 02.30 hours the same day have tried to enter the Xeregol hill once again. Intensive clashes have taken place between our forces and the enemy's units until 06.00 am in the morning. Our forces around 05.50 have effectively struck an enemy unit in close range on two arms. 14 enemy soldiers were killed in these clashes which took place in close contact.

At the same time, a group of enemy soldiers trying to enter the hill were put under heavy fire by our guerrillas and six enemy soldiers were killed here.

In the morning hours, our forces hit all the enemy soldiers trying to infiltrate into the hill. In the action, one enemy soldier was killed.

On October 20, at 8.00, the occupying Turkish army bombed Zêr village, Martyr Sidar hill and Xeregol area with warplanes. The conflicts between our forces and the enemy soldiers continue intensively.

2. The occupying Turkish army's operation launched on September 27 in the Barzan region for the purpose of invading South Kurdistan continues. Our forces have carried out extensive actions against the operation units. Within this scope;

On October 19, at 06.00 am, our forces carried out an action against the enemy soldiers located on the Bayrak hill. One enemy position struck in close range has been destroyed while four enemy soldiers have been identified killed.

On the same day, at 06.20, our forces carried out an action targeting the enemy unit coordinating the Barzan operation located on the Martyr Munzur hill in the Adılbeg area. Two soldiers were killed in this action where the enemy's positions and quarters were hit in close range. After the action, the occupying forces indiscriminately fired at the area with heavy weapons.

Warplanes belonging to the occupying Turkish army also bombed the Adılbeg area around 17.00 hours the same day.

3. Within the scope of the second phase of the Martyr Bedran Gundikremo and Martyr Nalin Muş revolutionary campaign, our forces carried out actions against the occupying Turkish army in Hakkari's Gever (Yüksekova) and Çelê (Çukurca) districts.

On October 19, at 09.00 am, on the basis of the intelligence obtained, our forces have carried out a sabotage action against a civilian vehicle carrying one lieutenant commander of the Esendere battalion, two sergeants and two soldiers near Çılık village as it headed towards the Esendere town from Hakkari's Gever district.

The vehicle which received a heavy blow with the sabotage action was at the same time struck effectively by our guerrillas with RPG-7 rocket launcher weapons. The vehicle has been completely destroyed and all the soldiers in the vehicle have been killed as a result of the action. The occupying Turkish army which carried away its dead soldiers from the area with ambulances and sikorsy-type helicopters, launched an operation on the Tepê Abbas, Tepê Gundê Basan and Tepê Gundê Sişemzi located around the action area.

On the same day, around 23.00 hours, our forces carried out an action targeting the security hill of the Şuwê outpost in Esendere. The number of dead and wounded soldiers in the enemy positions put under fire on two arms could not be determined.

On October 20, at 06.45, our forces carried out an assassination action against the enemy unit on the Qela Perixanê hill in Gever. One soldier has been killed in this action.

On October 19, at 09.00 am, our forces have targeted the enemy soldiers on the Martyr Rojerya hill near the Koordine hill in Çelê. The number of dead and wounded soldiers in this action where enemy positions were hit effectively could not be determined.

4. Our guerrillas encountering with the soldiers of the occupying Turkish army in Mardin's Bagok area on October 18 has entered into conflict with enemy forces. The number of dead and wounded soldiers in the clashes which were long-lived could not be determined. The occupying forces have launched an operation in the area after the conflict. The operation was withdrawn without results on October 19. Our guerrilla unit which entered into conflict has reached their base areas firmly.

October 20, 2017

HPG Press Centre