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Duran Kalkan, member of the Executive Council of the KCK, assessed recent developments in his interview with ANF. According to Kalkan there isn’t a blockage in the process but a game and deception. Kalkan stated that the AKP were benefiting from Öcalan’s Road Map and using it to try and annihilate the PKK. According to Kalkan distraction and stalling tactics are being employed as part of the plan. Kalkan: ‘‘Everyone has come to an agreement that this thing isn’t going to be solved with the AKP. Thus many different groups, groups who were supporting the AKP, are now calling on them to be consistent, to take concrete steps and to stand behind their words.’’

To clear up a misunderstanding Kalkan said ‘‘we are not fanatically against the AKP, but the Kurds have gained all they have by resisting.’’ Kalkan added ‘‘the AKP’s deception is not just against the PKK but against all Kurds,’’ and emphasised that the South Kurdistan administration should be aware of this reality. Kalkan also explained the plan behind the Interior Minister’s statement that ‘another group of a 150 people are going to return.’

Kalkan stated that this group has no involvement with the PKK and that these statements were aimed at cheating and betraying the Turkish people. Another aspect of this plan is to veil the desire and effort that the Kurdish Freedom Movement has shown for this process to develop said Kalkan.

KCK Executive Council Member Duran Kalkan indicated that they had concrete information regarding the groups that had deserted the PKK and were going to return to Turkey. Kalkan defined this policy of trying to promote those who had deserted the PKK as peace groups as an attempt to create contradiction and conflict within the Kurdish people.

KCK Executive Council Member Duran Kalkan also assessed the developments following Turkey Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu’s trip to South Kurdistan.

Duran Kalkan emphasised that if a Democratic Solution was to develop, Abdullah Öcalan’s Road Map would definitely need to be released for public opinion. ‘‘It is the Road Map that will bring together and take the Turkish and Kurdish people towards a mentality for resolution’’ said Kalkan, and called on everyone to act responsibly.