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onder apo_baris_ve_sosyalizmCan Socialism Become An Alternative Form Of Civilisation?

History has often witnessed grave errors, which have led to the exact opposite of the desired outcomes being fought for. It will happen again. As long as human life forms exist, they will understand how to arrive at a more correct scientific expression of the noble ideals of equality and freedom and will ensure a decisive advance along the correct path and achieve success.

Can Socialism Become An Alternative Form Of Civilisation?

«Socialist ideology, and the socialist system it created in opposition to the capitalist system, failed to become a different civilisation. Whether as a result of its ideological identity, or as a result of its premature birth or its mistakes, it failed to transform the longing for freedom and equality of the labourers and peoples into a differentiated development of civilisation. 


heval abbas_ingilizce_icin_kurdish_questiondanThe Need for a National Congress

The need for a national congress for the national-democratic representation of the will of the Kurdish people is unquestionable. In this regard, the footing attained in the Summer of 2013 has now matured to an even further level. Many were expecting this historical dream to materialise; the inability in doing so, has left the Kurdish public disappointed.

There İs A Need For Seriousness İn Order To Resolve The Kurdish Question


Tayyip Erdogan and his party’s mask has fallen as the historical and social crimes under the name of ‘opening’ committed by the Turkish state and AKP government have been exposed. In the past last week, they have met in sequence in order to be able to break the resistance of our people, leave them with no will power and to have them surrender. In these meetings they have decided on the continuation of an all out war. When AKP’s and Tayyip Erdoğan’s plans could not be realized and their masks fell they turned into the Tansu Çiller of the 1990’s. The recent security summits and National Security Council meetings have confirmed this clearly.

The fact that two villages in Hasankeyf have just been burnt down, reminded us of the Tansu Çiller’s period, murder of civillian people, victimization of poor peasents and the start to murder village guards who refuse to participate in military operations leave no doubt that the AKP government has began an all out war against our people’s freedom struggle.

Our one-sided quest for a resolution of the Kurdish question for the past 18 years, including efforts for dialogue and political means, have not been met. Instead, the Turkish state and AKP have insisted on policies of elimination and have continued with their policy of denial and annihilation. Despite all our efforts of good will, we had declared on 1 June 2010, that the unilateral ceasefire declared by the Kurdish freedom movement had become meaningless. From that date onwards, we entered the period of legitimate active defence in a controlled manner. The legitimate defence period is a manner of controlled defence based on the legitimate defence line. All the public should know that the struggle waged by us against the ruthless attacks of the Turkish state is nothing but a controlled resistance and the struggle to defend its freedom. In the case that the AKP government opts to implement its all out war decision the path before an uncontrolled warfare shall be paved. This is not our preference, but AKP’s push for such a period shall leave Turkey to face a great disaster. This is why AKP government should abandon implementations that include burning of villages as well as attacks that result in the death of civillian people and all the other implementations of an all out warfare.

The village guards, who take their place within the village guard system are the social and national wound that bleed in Kurdistan. They should immediately abandon such a position and should not take their place in this all out war planned by the Turkish state. Our movement does not target the village guards. The movement shall continue to abide with this stance of its. The AKP government and the Turkish state are totally responsible for the loss of lives of the villages guards in various places. All the village guards should be aware and know that the Turkish army is responsible for the present attacks on them. This is because the Turkish state has the aim of turning this warfare into a war between Kurds. Hence, the village guards are killed in various manners and the blame is put on our movement so that the conflict between Kurds is fueled. All patriotic Kurdish circles and village guards should be aware and not be deceived.

In the aftermath of exposing AKP government’s policies and the consequent development of tensions, once again, the Kurdish question and its resolution have come to be widely discussed. Tayyip Erdoğan sees the reasonable and realistic proposals for a resolution made by TÜSİAD and similar cirlces as well as some honest democratic intellectual circles to be nothing but ‘nonsense’. But, on the other hand he appraises those who call on our movement to call a unilateral ceasefire or lay down weapons. Hence, once again they have a policy to eliminate our movement and to both tear and silence our society apart.

At present, it is not realistic to expect our movement to call a unilateral ceasefire. A ceasefire can not just be declared as it is. There needs to be an environment of mutual trust created as well as concrete confidence raising steps. Therefore, when there is such a comprehensive attacks against our people and our movement as well as a decision for an all out war, the timing of such a call is neither appropriate nor realistic. There are no other decisions, but the decision for an all out war taken at the meetings realized by the state and the last meeting of the National Security Council meeting. It is quite sad that an all out war decision and the burning of villages as well as the military operations have not been questioned, but instead the actions of the guerrillas are shown to be the obstacle before a resolution. But, it is not these defensive actions that are an obstacle before a solution. It is the policies of the AKP government that have developed the state of stalemate to be its policy as well as the elimination of the freedom movement and not abandoning efforts to break the will power of our people. It is clear that the main reason for the present clashes is the AKP government and Turkish state that have arrested 1600 Kurdish politicians who have not had any illegal acitivies in order to leave our people with no will power on the basis of a political genocide.

It is now clear that for the past 18 years the unilateral ceasefires declared by our Leader and our movement have not produced the desired resolution. Therefore, it is clear that the question can not be resolved on the basis of unilateral ceasefires. It must be properly evaluated why we have had to resort to the usage of our legitimate defence right especially in the face of political and military operations that wishes to eliminate our movement and deepen the stalemate. It is not us that does not fulfill the requirements of the ceasefire, but the state and government. Therefore, it is the Turkish state and AKP government that should be convinced and called on. It shall only encourage the Turkish state and AKP government in their attacks if the position and acts of the Turkish state and AKP government are not evaluated and we are asked to lay down our weapons unilaterally and unconditionally. Such an approach shall not bring about a resolution but shall deepen the stalemate.

We call on all the circles who are pro-peace and pro-resolution to investigate why the last unilateral ceasefire that began on 13 April 2010 collapsed. If the implementations of the Turkish state, AKP government and us the Kurdish side is investigated and reported then one would be able to pin point who exactly that is against a resolution. We call on all the NGOs in Kurdistan and Turkey, especially those in Amed, to initiate such a research. Such an undertaking shall expose the truth and shall clarify how a permanent democratic resolution can be achieved. Tayyip Erdoğan is well aware of such a reality as he is trying very hard to guide such platforms, including the ones in Amed, to artificial agendas far from any solutions.

The problem is not for the PKK to declare yet, another unilateral ceasefire. This has been done so many times in the past. What is really important is that the other side too honors the requirements of a ceasefire and to take parallel steps. It is well known that neither our Leader, movement, nor people have found an addressee for steps taken and calls made to achieve a peaceful resolution. Despite this reality to yet again call for a unilateral ceasefire is nothing but to advice us to surrender to a merciless dominant power. It is hoped that pro-human rights and peace-loving circles shall not act in such a manner.

We would like all those concerned to know that both the guerrilla and soldier losses are due to the domineering and colonialist Turkish State’s desire to keep Kurdish people at a slave status as well its insistance on warfare

There is a need for seriousness in order to resolve the Kurdish question. This question is a continuation of how the Kurdish people were killed all throughout the history of the Republic and where her identity, culture and language have still not been guaranteed by the constitution and where the graves of those executed can still not be found.

Our people should own up to its rightful claim of freedom much more in unity and in an organized manner. Hence the national democratic resistance should be elevated in such a way that the necessary response is given to all the domineering approaches.

All the patriotic democratic institutions and establishments as well as NGOs from Kurdistan should be in solidarity with the freedom claim of our people and should be careful not to adopt a stance that shall damage it and should not encourage the colonialist and domineering powers. No matter what their axis of thought is we call on patriotic political organizations and NGOs to be highly sensitive when it comes to this and to reinforce our unity and solidarity and adopt a political stance to force the Turkish state and AKP government to a resolution.

Presidency of the KCK Executive Council

27 June 2010

(Translated by KCK-Info)


Self Defence

Leader Abdullah Ocalan said that the Kurdish national independence movement is facing the fourth conspiracy. The first one was between 1992-1994, the second one was between 1997-1999 and third one was between 2002-2004.

News from Kurdistan

Peace efforts of the Kurdish Side 1993-1999 Peace efforts of the Kurdish Side 1993-1999
After years of fighting, the Kurdish liberation movement sought to find a political solution of the conflict. These efforts of the PKK, Kurdistan Worker’s Party, were underlined by the declaration of its first...

News from Kurdistan

10 children died in the last 8 months 10 children died in the last 8 months
15 children were killed either by security forces or unexploded explosive ordnance since last year. The first victim of these kind of executions by the Turkish police was 14-year-old Abdülsamet Erip who was killed




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Kurds Under The Clamp of Cultural Genocide Kurds Under The Clamp of Cultural Genocide

There were many important conspiracies against us as well; there are four different periods of conspiracy. The First Conspiracy Period is the one experienced with the murder of Özal: Özal was courageous in his approach to the Kurdish issue. He said “I must most definitely resolve this issue”. His son Ahmet Özal gives clear information on this topic. He says “my father wanted to resolve this issue once and for all”. At the time they besieged Özal and eliminated all those that were pro-solution to the Kurdish issue.  Many army officers such as Eşref Bitlis, Bahtiyar Aydın and their likes were killed and eliminated just because they were perceived to be pro-solution. Talabani probably knows some important details on this topic. Talabani used to say that “we think alike with Eşref Bitlis when it comes to a resolution”.


Leader Abdullah Ocalan said that the Kurdish national independence movement is facing the fourth conspiracy. The first one was between 1992-1994, the second one was between 1997-1999 and third one was between 2002-2004. And the fourth one started after local elections of 2007 and in November 2009 it was developed by the Turkish PM himself. All these conspiracies aim at destruction of the Kurdish national movement. They also prevent a political solution of the Kurdish problem.
10 children died in the last 8 months

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kurdish demokrasy_duranKurdish Democracy

The Kurds are an archaic society from the depths of history. They are known as the co-creators of the Neolithic Revolution; creators of the agricultural-village communities.