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Press Release

1. On February 23, the occupying Turkish army launched an operation in the Çiyayê Bızına area located on the Gabar mountain of Şırnak province. On the same day, at around 14.00 hours, heavy conflicts have taken place between the occupying Turkish army and our forces. The occupying forces have intensively bombed the area during the conflict in the operation and used chemical weapons. Conflicts have intensively continued until 04.00 am on February 24. Our guerrillas who fought sacrifically against enemy soldiers inflicted heavy blows on the operation force. At least three enemy soldiers were killed in these clashes, while our comrade Gelhat, who fought heroically against the occupiers, reached martyrdom.

 The occupying Turkish army, having received heavy blows, was forced to retreat and on the same day, near the village of Mehdin, our forces carried out an action against the operation units. Three enemy soldiers have been identified killed in the enemy unit which was hit effectively. The operation was completely withdrawn from the area on February 25.

The ID information of our martyr comrade is as following;

Nom de Guerre: Gelhat Gabar

Name - Surname: Agit Yılmaz

Place of Birth: Şırnak

Mother’s - Father’s Name: Gurbet - Hasan

Date and Place of Martyrdom: February 24, 2018 / Şırnak

Gelhat – Agit Yılmaz 

Our comrade Gelhat Gabar came to the world in Şırnak, and grew up inside the patriotic people of Botan. Comrade Gelhat, who knew very well the truth of the enemy, took the path of the Free Kurdistan Mountains to carry out the most active struggle against the fascist Turkish state’s genocide and assimilation politics on the Kurdish people. He has been the owner of great labour and effort in every moment in the guerrilla ranks. He has defended his identity and own values inside the truth of relentless war, and has known how to walk with the Kurdish freedom struggle. Our comrade Gelhat, who protected his struggle will until his very last moment, reached martyrdom fighting against the enemy’s invasion attacks until his last bullet. We express our condolences to foremost the precious Yılmaz family and all our patriotic people for this devastating loss, and we repeat our oath to crown our struggle with victory, which is the ideal of our martyrs, once more.

2. On February 28, our forces put under surveillance a disguised unit of the occupying Turkish army in the Kırê Hallac area in the Bazid (Doğubeyazıt) district of Ağrı province. The disguised unit which was kept under surveillance for some time was targeted in close range around 15.30 the same day, and effectively hit. Four soldiers have been identified killed in the enemy unit which was hit in two arms. The occupying forces bombed the area with howitzer and mortar shells following the action.

3. On February 26, at 16.45, our forces carried out an action against the Kıryareş outpost in the Silopi district of Şırnak province. The number of dead and wounded enemies in this action where the enemy’s positions and buildings in the outpost were hit effectively could not be determined.


March 1, 2018

HPG Press Centre