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Press Release

 On April 3, at 16.40, our forces carried out an action against a contra unit between Amed’s Pasur (Kulp) district and the Milika outpost, near the village of Hacana.

 Four contras were killed in this action where the vehicle carrying contras were effectively hit, and three contras were wounded. The occupying Turkish army which carried away dead and wounded contras from the scene launched an operation in the area. Our forces have carried out a sabotage action against the enemy soldiers out on operation with the support of unmanned aerial vehicles. One soldier has been identified killed in the targeted enemy unit, while many other soldiers were wounded. The operation which was partially withdrawn was followed by an extensive operation launched in the Martyr Navdar and Martyr Kawa areas on April 5.

 On April 6, around 12.30, conflicts took place between our forces and the invading enemy soldiers in the Çiyayê Lis area of Pasur district. Two soldiers were killed in these conflicts which took place chest to chest, while tens of soldiers and contras were wounded. Following the conflict, the occupying forces carried away dead and wounded soldiers from the area. The occupying forces, unable to go over our forces on the ground, bombed the area with many Cobra-type attack helicopters at around 14.30 on the same day.

Two of our comrades have reached martyrdom in the enemy bombardments which took place. The invasion operation was withdrawn in the morning of April 8.

The ID information of our martyr comrades is as following;

Nom de Guerre: Reşit Agiri

Name - Surname: Tuncay Sinoğlu

Place of Birth: Ağrı

Mother’s - Father’s Name: Birgül – Mehmet Şakir

Date and Place of Martyrdom: April 6, 2018 / Amed

Reşit – Tuncay Sinoğlu

Nom de Guerre: Şervan Azadi

Name - Surname: Ömer Kaya 

Place of Birth: Amed

Mother’s - Father’s Name: Gülseher - Resul

Date and Place of Martyrdom: April 6, 2018 / Amed

Şervan – Ömer Kaya


April 10, 2018

HPG Press Centre